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Summer Sundas Naqvi

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Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois, USA. "Sex for Grades" may keep you wondering who offered who. But Summer Naqvi is the one who eventually played the victim of a professor, for not getting what she wanted.

April 09, 2019. There was an anonymous post on Reddit by someone claiming to be a victim of sexual harassment by her professor.

May 05, 2019. The same message content accusing the professor was posted publicly on Facebook as follows:

"(Named Professor) relentlessly sent messages and pictures to me attempting to solicit pictures back, sex in exchange for an A+ in his class, and even attempted to pay me to have sex with him. Even though I came forward to campus police with evidence including unwanted text messages and pictures in the fall of 2018, the University did not put him on administrative leave until months later. I am disappointed that they would continue to let him teach during these months because other girls may have fallen victim to sexual harassment from him." - Summer Naqvi

Over a month later, Summer Naqvi was arrested on felony counts of aggravated intimidation and unlawful restraint. How did it come to this?

September 2018. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). And so the story goes that Summer Sundas Naqvi allegedly met with her professor in his office trying to convince him to retrospectively change her test score to an A. When the professor said he couldn't, she asked that if she retook the test, the professor should ensure that this time she got an A. But the professor declined to go against his code of ethics.

Summer Naqvi then decidedly switched her use of hypoagency to more malicious methods. She went online to seek out the professor and establish an online chat relationship with him, luring him to intimate exchanges on snapchat. This happened allegedly without his knowledge that she is his former student and the same one who earlier requested an A. The two exchanged messages and even photos which was alleged to be Summer Naqvi's own idea.

After the fictim gathered enough message and graphic content to implicate the professor, she took to UIPD (Campus Police) to report sexual harassment.

February 04, 2019. The accused professor was placed on administrative leave and pressured by the investigation to announce his retirement on April 27, 2019. The retirement would take effect on May 31, 2019.

Things were looking victorious for Summer Naqvi. However, in order to retain her easy-earned fake victimhood, she had to leave no stone unturned. Shreds of evidence on her ex-boyfriend's digital devices that would support the professor's account of the incident and had to be wiped out. And so, Summer Naqvi got a pussy-serving male tool named William Farrell as an accomplice to intrude in her ex-boyfriend's apartment, hold him hostage at knifepoint and demand to delete evidence from his digital devices, including the ex's Reddit account.

According to police, Summer Naqvi deleted information from her former boyfriend’s computer and phone while her male accomplice allegedly held a folding knife from a hip holster to the ex’s throat. The attacked ex told the police he believed the information Naqvi was after related to her harassment complaint against the professor.

May 07, 2019. 21-year-old Summer Sundas Naqvi was arrested along with her male accomplice, and charged with felony intimidation and aggravated unlawful restraint.

This case demonstrates yet another wench overly conscious of their pussified superpowers to snap a finger and get a man in trouble. Just like that. But beyond that, men who serve the pussified superpowers to help women destroy men have been featured in some of our articles e.g here and it is so disturbing.

For this particular case, one who has no faith in commonsense may well switch to superstition. When you see a combination of a western name with some outer-culture surname sounding like what would retain the apex of human morality, and then you realize the bearer is nothing but a lying cunt, it raises more questions than answers.

It might interest you to know that The Naqvi sadah (Arabic: ?§?„???§???© ?§?„?†?‚?§?€?????†‎) are people with the last name "Naqvi" and who are direct descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through the lineage of the Imam Ali al-Naqi (WikiPedia)

What is in a name. Only the bearer decides if it's glory or shame!

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